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Important HR needs in your business

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | blog

As your business continues to grow and you hire more employees, you are likely finding yourself taking on more roles within the business, particularly the role of the human resources representative. Whether you hire someone for this position or manage the department yourself, much of what HR does is preventative, from the interview process through the completion of separation surveys.

It may seem overwhelming, but through HR proactivity, your employees know their rights and responsibilities, and you have clear guidelines within which to act. Therefore, it may benefit you to take a close look at your HR department to ensure there are no gaps or oversights that may come back to bite you in the event of a dispute or accusation.

Handling handbook issues

Your employees may frequently overstep their boundaries if they are unsure of where you have set those boundaries. This is why an employee handbook is a vital tool for a business, no matter how few employees you have. Business advocates recommend a frequent review of the policies and rules in your handbook to keep it current with any changes in the laws or expectations within the company. Some important features you will find in successful employee handbooks include:

  • An employee code of conduct
  • Your company’s policy for communicating important information
  • Clarification of laws and policies concerning discrimination
  • Explanation of employee benefits, including time sheets and compensation policies
  • Guidelines for termination of employment

In addition to outlining these things, you will certainly benefit from drafting accurate job descriptions and taking your time to screen applicants based on those descriptions.

Keeping a paper trail

Once you have hired someone to work for your company, it may be a temptation to neglect keeping a file for that employee. After all, filing is tedious and time-consuming, but employee files are more than just handy ways to organize job applications. In fact, some documents contain confidential information that should be kept in a secure place that you can access quickly if authorities request it, such as immigration papers.

An important part of an employee’s file is performance reviews and documentation of policy violations. This is another area that many HR departments neglect, but it becomes crucial if you eventually have to discipline or even terminate the employee. Keeping accurate and consistent documentation of issues that arise among your workers will prove invaluable in the long run.

Of course, this only begins to outline the important duties of an HR representative, and it may seem overwhelming if you are handling the work on your own. Fortunately, you can get professional guidance from a Texas attorney dedicated to helping business owners reach their goals.