Cleburne Business And Commercial Law Attorneys

Many firms say they take a team approach to the cases they handle. At Cain & Associates, however, "team approach" is more than just a catchphrase; it's how we work every single day to get our clients the results they need.

What does this mean? At our firm, a team approach means:

Our Attorneys Work Together

Individually, our attorneys possess distinguished records of success in the areas of business and commercial law, and estate planning and administration. While our attorneys individually lead many of the cases our firm handles, they frequently collaborate, share ideas and otherwise work together to help each client's cause.

Our Attorneys Work With The Experts

Being an experienced lawyer doesn't mean that a client's case can't benefit from outside expert assistance. We have developed an extensive network of technical experts, tax planners, scientific advisers and other experts so that when the outcome of complex litigation depends on expert guidance, we are ready to act.

Our Attorneys Work With You

You're turning to a lawyer to take the legal burden from you so you can focus on other areas of your business or personal life. You're not asking to be left in the dark. We will make you an active part of your case, proactively communicating new information to you and constantly gauging how you feel about the progress being made in your case. At our firm, having a client leave our office confused about a legal matter or uncertain about our strategy is simply unacceptable. Attorney Scott Cain has a strong business background in addition to his legal experience. This experience influences our entire approach to litigation as a firm. We utilize a business approach to help our clients make sound business decisions regarding litigation strategy.

We assume leadership not just in the courtroom, but in the wider community. In addition to being an experienced attorney, founder Scott Cain is also the three time elected mayor of Cleburne.

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