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Experienced, Compassionate Legal Guidance When Your Family Needs It Most

Most legal matters often feel like a burden for the parties involved. Following the death of a close relative or other loved one, probate and related legal matters truly are a burden. You and your family need time, space and energy to focus on your loss — not time-consuming and emotionally draining legal wrangling.

Our firm is here to help. We have attorneys who are experienced in the area of estate planning and administration. Just as importantly, our legal team understands the importance of both family and community – helping make our friends’ and neighbors’ lives easier during what is unquestionably a difficult time. You need an experienced legal guide to help your family make sense of the probate process; that’s what we’re here to do. We assist those throughout Johnson County and surrounding areas.

We Will Guide You Through The Entire Probate Process

Probate is unavoidable for nearly all people. It is necessary to settle the affairs of any estate, ensuring that those who are entitled to receive property do so, and that any wishes of the deceased that have been recorded in valid estate planning documents are followed accordingly.

Without an experienced probate administration lawyer by your side, the process can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally difficult – in a word, overwhelming. Our attorneys can help you from the earliest days following your loved one’s death until his or her estate is fully wrapped up. This includes:

  • Obtaining copies of a death certificate to present to the probate court
  • Identifying wills, trusts and other relevant estate planning documents
  • If necessary, identifying and contacting will executors and trustees
  • Notifying creditors, such as credit card companies, of your loved one’s death
  • Locating estate beneficiaries
  • Ensuring compliance with probate court rules

Few people who are unfamiliar with the probate process can successfully navigate through these and other matters without encountering some roadblocks along the way. With decades of combined experience between them, our attorneys can help make probating your loved one’s estate less expensive and less demanding of you and your family’s time and emotions.

We Can Help During This Sensitive Time

Our firm is committed to making the process of working with a lawyer as positive as possible, even under these difficult circumstances. To speak with one of our attorneys, call our Cleburne offices at 817-645-1717 or email us.

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