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There are many different legal issues related to a business that will need to be addressed by owners or partners. In addition to handling day-to-day concerns that may arise, business owners may need to determine how to resolve any disputes they may encounter. In some cases, disputes may be handled through private negotiations, but in others, legal action may be necessary. If one party to a dispute initiates a civil lawsuit, the case may be addressed in the courtroom, and the parties may need to make their case before a judge or jury. The business litigation process can be complex and time-consuming, and business owners or other parties involved in a dispute will need to work with an experienced attorney to determine the best approach to take.

At Cain & Kiel Law, our lawyers have experience handling all types of business disputes, including cases involving oil and gas companies, deceptive trade practices, contracts, and more. We work to help our clients understand their options and determine the best approach to resolving these matters. We take steps to ensure that we understand the specific facts of our client's case and that we take the time to develop strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of a business. Our goal is to resolve business disputes in a way that will protect our client's bottom line.

Representation in Litigation of Business Disputes in Hill County

Our business litigation attorneys can help owners, partners, or other parties understand their options for addressing business disputes. We can assess the specific issues involved in a case and develop a strategy that is focused on achieving our client's goals. With our extensive experience in complex litigation and a strong record of success in bench and jury trials, we are prepared to advocate for our clients' interests throughout the legal process. We can handle multiple types of disputes and cases involving business litigation, including:

  • Partnership disputes - Businesses that are owned by more than one person may need to resolve disputes between the partners. These disputes may involve issues such as the distribution of profits, management duties, or control of the business. We can help partners determine how to resolve these issues in a way that will allow the business to continue operating successfully. If disputes between partners cannot be resolved, we can provide guidance on how they may be able to complete a "business divorce."
  • Breach of contract - Businesses may enter into contracts with other companies or individuals for the purchase or sale of goods or services, licensing of technology or intellectual property, or other types of agreements. If one party to a contract fails to live up to their obligations, this may be considered a breach of contract. We can help business owners understand their options for addressing contract disputes, and we can ensure that they take the necessary steps to protect their interests.
  • Unfair competition - Businesses may compete with other companies in the same industry for customers or market share. If a business believes that its competitor is using unfair or illegal business practices, it may be able to file an antitrust claim. This type of claim may involve allegations of false advertising, trademark infringement, or other types of business-related misconduct.
  • Employment disputes - Employers may need to resolve disputes with employees, independent contractors, or other workers. These disputes may involve allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, or sexual harassment, as well as issues related to wages and hours or other labor laws. We can help employers protect their business interests as they address these issues while also ensuring that they are in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  • Commercial real estate disputes - Businesses may need to resolve disputes with landlords, tenants, or other parties involved in commercial real estate transactions. These disputes may involve issues such as the breach of a lease agreement, property damage, or construction defects. We can help business owners understand their options for addressing these types of disputes and take the necessary steps to protect their interests.

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At Cain & Kiel Law, our business litigation attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by businesses, and we work diligently to protect our clients' rights and interests. In addition to representing clients in these matters, we provide commercial mediation services to help business owners, partners, employees, or other parties cooperate to resolve disputes quickly and effectively. If you are a business owner or another party who is involved in a business dispute, please contact our office today at 817-645-1717 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced business litigation attorneys.

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