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Legal Counsel Focused On The Ends And The Means

One reason why businesses throughout Johnson County and all of Texas entrust their business and commercial disputes to our firm is our attorneys’ years of experience handling high-stakes litigation. At the same time, we recognize that litigation is merely a means to an end: a successful resolution of your legal dispute.

The Benefits Of Pursuing A Resolution Through Mediation

Litigation can sometimes result in time-consuming and costly legal proceedings that expend considerable resources and take you away from the important work of running your business. Mediation can offer a more efficient and effective way forward.

In mediation, both sides in a dispute are represented by lawyers and work with a neutral mediator. The mediator will evaluate the claims of both sides and propose a solution to bring disagreements to an end. While the goal of mediation is to accept the mediator’s decision, it is legally nonbinding, and each side remains free to pursue litigation if one or both are dissatisfied with the proposed outcome.

Committed To Finding A Resolution That Suits Your Needs

We routinely work with business owners who need favorable outcomes in legal disagreements, but are wary of investing the time, energy and financial resources into full-scale litigation. Our attorneys’ considerable litigation experience is equally effective in mediation proceedings; what changes is a focus toward consensus-building and compromise.

What doesn’t change, however, is our commitment to help you prevail. Should mediation result in an unfair outcome, we remain ready to pursue any and all legal options to help you.

Unique Experience In Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

Attorney Cain is a certified mediator who is frequently appointed by courts to help parties resolve their disputes. His practice consists of all areas of civil litigation, appellate law, oil and gas, corporate, probate and estate law, real estate and condemnation. In addition, he has extensive experience in commercial and complex multi-party mediation. Mr. Cain has experience both as an advocate representing clients in the mediation process as well as serving as a neutral mediator or insurance umpire.

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Whether you are involved in a contract dispute, partnership disagreement or any other kind of business dispute, mediation may offer you a better way forward while helping you achieve your ultimate ends. To learn more, email our Cleburne office or call 817-645-1717. We advise and represent clients throughout Texas.

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