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We Understand The Needs Of Texas’ Railroads

Railroads have played an essential role in the development of the Lone Star State. Today, they continue to be a vital part of the state’s economy — transporting people, livestock and consumer goods to and from all corners of Texas.

Cain & Kiel Law has long been a legal ally for those in the railroad industry across Johnson County and all of Texas, including Somervell, Bosque and Hood counties. Our attorneys are experienced in handling zoning issues that affect railroad operators, as well as civil litigation cases arising out of train derailments, crossing accidents and other events that typically result in lawsuits. With a team of experienced lawyers and ready access to the best experts in the field, our firm can help give you the edge in your administrative or litigation matter.

The Right Strategy For The Right Outcome

At the end of the day, our attorneys strive to minimize our clients’ potential liability and maximize the stability in their legal affairs.

When fighting a personal injury lawsuit, an aggressive litigation strategy may be in a client’s best interest. In other cases, we can draw from our significant commercial mediation experience in order to achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional, full-scale litigation. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our clients’ bottom line; by offering flexible and nontraditional fee arrangements, we help our business clients get the counsel they need at superior value.

In our years of railroad litigation work, our firm has handled more than 100 crossing accident cases and other civil claims.

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