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Representing Texans To Protect Their Legal Interests In Oil, Gas And Water Resources

Natural resources in Texas are big business. Between Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford and the state’s other oil shales, as well as the water resources that become ever more important in a drying climate, the need for certainty and legal protection in natural resource industries is greater than ever.

At Cain & Kiel Law, our attorneys recognize the need for legal counsel that can break down the complexity in oil leases, water disputes and all other legal issues pertaining to natural resources across Johnson County, the surrounding areas and throughout Texas. With years of combined experience and an understanding of the stakes involved in any legal claim, we come to a case ready to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes as quickly as possible.

Experienced Oil And Gas Attorneys

We represent all parties in transactions and in oil and gas-related legal disputes. Our experience representing both gas companies and private property owners means we bring a complete understanding of the needs of all sides to contracts, leases and other transactions, as well as the issues that are most likely to come into play in a legal dispute.

Among the issues our attorneys regularly handle are:

  • Operator agreements
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Division orders
  • Oil and gas titles
  • Executory rights
  • Surface use issues
  • Nuisance and trespass
  • Mud farming issues
  • Pipeline and eminent domain issues

Protect Your Water Rights In Texas

Our firm also represents utilities, property owners and other parties to water transactions and disputes in Texas. These include eminent domain issues, easements, acquisitions and issues involving water wells. In a world where water will only be more precious and prized, we help our clients maximize their water rights and obtain legal security.

To speak with a lawyer regarding your legal needs, call our Cleburne office at 817-645-1717 or send an email.

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