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Strong Appellate Representation From Proven Attorneys

The success of your appellate matter may very well hinge on your choice of legal representation.

Your legal matter is too important to leave in the hands of untested counsel; you need the representation and counsel of seasoned attorneys who have achieved real results for individuals and businesses in appellate cases throughout Texas.

You Need Cain & Kiel Law

Our firm’s attorneys — D. Scott Cain and Colby Rideout — combine for more than 30 years of appellate experience, including many cases before the 10th (Waco) and 2nd (Fort Worth) Court of Appeals. They excel at crafting legal arguments built on strong legal analysis. Just as important, they communicate with clarity and speak the language of appellate judges, positioning their clients to obtain favorable rulings that will withstand the rigors of the legal system.

We take a pragmatic approach to appeals cases, never losing sight of the fact that these issues are not confined to the law library — their outcomes will have a real and lasting impact on the personal, professional and financial lives of their clients.

Have questions about appeals? See our Appellate Law FAQ.

Let Us Help Make Things Right

Our goal is to achieve an outcome that allows you to move forward with peace of mind knowing you were empowered to make a decision based on the best information and legal analysis. We look forward to protecting your interests and your future. Please call 817-645-1717 or contact us by email to schedule a consultation.

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