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Protect business interests when a special someone is interested

If you worked long and hard to build a business in Texas, you most likely understand how crucial it is to protect your interests. Like other business owners, you live a dual life. There's your professional side, and then there's your personal life. Building, launching and sustaining a business takes a lot of time. Many business owners will tell you they don't have much time for private lives, but most try to fit a little rest and relaxation into their schedules from time to time.

Partnerships on the rocks

Maybe you were friends since high school or you met in a university business class. Wherever your partnership began, it blossomed into the business arrangement that has served you successfully for years. Lately, however, you and your partner are not always seeing eye to eye.

A merger is a complicated legal process

Whether in Texas or elsewhere, companies that combine typically do so with the purpose of benefiting all parties involved. A business merger is a complicated legal process. If you choose to pursue a merger as a company owner, it will take careful planning to ensure a smooth execution.

Are non-compete agreements enforceable in Texas?

Non-compete agreements are a popular way for businesses and companies of all types and sizes to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets. Employers can ask new employees to sign contracts that would only take effect after the employee-employer relationship ends. While there are a variety of reasons why non-compete agreements can be beneficial, they should be carefully worded and drafted with the help of an experienced attorney.

Why non-compete agreements are important to your small business

If you run a small business in Texas, you may have the goal of building a staff that is like an extended family. You hope to hire employees who are enthusiastic and reliable, and you want them to feel that you trust them. This may be one of several reasons why you may be reluctant to ask your new employees to sign a non-compete agreement.

Know the costs associated with buying a house

Buying a house in a new neighborhood is one of the most exciting things you can do. Your home may also be your biggest investment, and it's important that you prepare for the responsibility that comes with it. No longer can you call your landlord to fix appliances and common problems, but the pride that comes from owning your own home more than makes up for it.

Requirements for getting your small business started in Texas

Starting a business can be one of the most significant decisions you ever make and the legal process can seem daunting. Each state has different laws and regulations regarding the formation of small business and having an understanding of them before you get started will make things easier for you as you go about the process of forming your small business in the state of Texas.

Understanding mechanic's liens in Texas

Buying a home should be an exciting, fun time for any family. Unfortunately, many end up with bad experiences because they didn't do their homework first. Before you buy a home, there are many details you can't afford to overlook. Once you're approved for financing, the house has passed inspection and you are ready to move in, there may still be one problem with your home you are unaware of. In order to cross everything off your list when buying a home, you may want to first check to make sure you don't have a mechanic's lien against it or determine if you are responsible for it.

When should you consider action for a non-compete violation?

Clarity is the most important detail in any contractual agreements. It is a legal essential, yet certain documents always have more terminology that is left open to interpretation. The non-compete waiver an employee signs when changing jobs is among those, with key elements that determine if it is enforceable if it is challenged in court. The agreement is a means of protection for the business but it cannot hinder the former employee's prospects.

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