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What Are Common Legal Disputes that Texas Small Business Owners Face? 

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hood county business lawyerAs any small business owner can tell you, getting a business up and running is no easy feat. Even when a business is humming along smoothly, unexpected disputes resulting in litigation can crop up at any time. Small business owners must constantly be on their toes, ready to respond to surprises with agility so that legal disputes have a minimal effect on a company’s growth and productivity. Here are some common legal disputes that Texas small business owners may face that a great business law attorney can help with. 

Common Types of Business Disputes

The nature of certain businesses will expose them to a greater likelihood of facing disputes than others; for example, a construction business is much more likely to face litigation for an injured employee than a business selling records. Knowing your field is essential for understanding the kind of risks you undertake as a business owner and any potential liabilities you may face in the future. Common types of disputes small business face include, but are not limited to: 

  • Intellectual property disputes 

  • Disagreements between business partners, including spouses who are getting divorced 

  • Contract disputes with employees, vendors, and other businesses

  • Insurance disputes 

  • Employee compensation and benefit disputes

  • Civil lawsuits 

How Are Small Business Disputes Handled? 

Each case is unique, and the best method for handling a business dispute will depend on the circumstances, as well as the business owner’s preferences. Business owners may want to try to resolve disputes using mediation or arbitration before moving on to more confrontational methods like courtroom litigation. Other times, an aggressive approach may be the best strategy for keeping a dispute short and simple. 

Regardless of the nature of a dispute, having an experienced business law attorney on your side is essential for ensuring you are working within the confines of the law and getting the competent legal representation you need. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; having an attorney help you throughout the development of your business will ensure that you are setting yourself up for success. While it is not possible to avoid every dispute, small business owners can avoid problems by ensuring they are following state and federal laws, paying their taxes correctly, and structuring contracts in a way that protects the business in the event of future litigation. 

Call a Hood County Business Law Attorney

If your small business is faced with a complex legal dispute, get help from a Tarrant County, Texas business law attorney with Cain & Kiel Law. We work with small businesses in many different areas and stages of development and can provide you with the excellent legal representation you need to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call our offices today at 817-645-1717 to schedule a comprehensive consultation. 




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