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When a customer comes into a business and steals an item from the shelves, the business suffers a loss. A prudent business owner will take steps to prevent such theft and even to pursue restitution from someone who commits the offense. However, in some Texas businesses, there is a type of theft that may have an even more devastating effect on the business.

An ex-employee who steals clients and other employees can quickly send your business into a tailspin. You may find your production grinding to a halt while you try to fill vacancies on your staff, and your profits may plummet as your customers jump ship. Like the prudent store owner, there are steps you can take to prevent this type of theft and options for seeking justice.

How can a non-solicitation agreement protect you?


Contracts are useful way to protect the interests of your company. Unfortunately, however, other parties may deviate from the terms of the agreement or refuse to follow the terms of the contact. A breach of contract is more than just an inconvenience – it is a threat to the well-being of your Texas business.

It is in the interests of all business owners to understand how to proceed when contract matters do not go as planned. You have the right to take action, enforce the terms of the contract and seek a beneficial resolution to the matter. There are various remedies that may be available to you, including securing damages.

The next steps for your company


Owning a business means understanding that you will not always be around to run the company. The time may come when you choose to retire, or you may suffer from a disabling event in the future or pass away, any of which will make it impossible for you to continue owning and operating the company.

Because such possibilities exist, having a buy-sell agreement in place could greatly benefit your business. This document would allow you to have arrangements in place for the continuation of the business in the event of your retirement, disability, passing or other event that prevents you from moving forward with the company.

The buying parties


Texas business owners understand there are various challenges associated with owning and operating a small business. One of the unique issues you may have to address is how to deal with your employees. Regardless of the type of company you have, it can prove beneficial to draft employment contracts.

Employment contracts are a simple yet effective way you can protect your company and prevent many types of complications in the future. Written contracts provide both parties with significant benefits as they allow for everyone involved to know and understand their rights and obligations. If you do not have employment contracts or believe you should implement these in the future, it can be helpful to understand how to draft effective and enforceable agreements.

What should be in your contracts?


Though you may have been the one with the great idea for a service or product, you likely understood from the beginning that your business venture could not move forward without the help of others. Even if you had the ability to carry on for a certain amount of time without seeking assistance from outside your inner circle, your success may mean you need to work with vendors, suppliers or manufacturers.

While you may feel a bit intimidated by working with outside companies, you may want to recognize this moment as the milestone that it is. This needed action likely means that your business has grown to a point that you cannot fulfill the necessary operational needs on your own, and that is a point about which to feel proud. Of course, you may still feel apprehensive about working with the right suppliers.

Aspects to consider

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